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My Kiddo LOVES Doraemon!!! So it happened to be my son’s 4th Birthday on the 23rd November 2016. And without any doubt, we decided upon a Doraemon themed party.

I didn’t have too much time to devote to the party as we had just finished off with all the Diwali festivities, followed by a wedding in the family. So to say, I had some 10-12 days with me.

I had a few things on my mind but needed more options and ideas for the theme. Surprisingly, except for cake design ideas, there wasn’t much available on the internet or pinterest. Maybe i needed to search some Japanese websites… !!! I wasted some 3-4 days searching the internet. Finally, I set down with a pen and paper and enlisted the things to be done for the party.

Here I am sharing all that we did – invitation, decorations, games, food menu, cake and the return gifts.


I designed the invitation card online on There are many websites available which help you create a page/ design for free. Just google it. Here is the invite for the birthday party:



The Cake was of course, based on the theme. We went for a yummy Chocolate Mousse flavored cake.


In order to add on to the fun factor to the cake cutting, for the kids, we opted for the sparkling candles. The kids were delighted for sure !





This time, I was unable to make a pinata myself (I love to make one on my own every year). My poor baby fell sick 2 days before his birthday. All my time went in tending to him since I wanted him to be fine by his birthday. So, this time, I opted for a readymade one. Luckily, I found a Doraemon-themed Pinata.


The Pinata was filled with sweets, small whistles, few stationary items and chocolates. All kids were given small bags to fill up with the goodies. I feel this is a really exciting feature of a birthday party !

Coloring Pages

We got some doraemon and friends’ coloring pages for the kids to fill up and take home. I pulled out a few pages from the Doraemon coloring book and got them photostated. Alternatively, you can take out printouts too.


Make sure the number of pages outnumber the kids, in order to avoid any disruptions 😛

Pick a gift out of Doraemon’s pocket

Well, here I surprised myself! I got a big piece of Cardboard and drew doraemon on it. I should mention here, that I practiced the drawing some 10 times on rough paper.


After drawing the figure, I cut it out with a knife. Also, I cut out the doraemon pocket, big enough for the kids to put their hands inside and take out the gift.

We placed a basket behind the cutout figure and all kids lined up to pick a gift for themselves. This was again, an exciting game, and each kid landed with a surprise gift. The gifts that were included were – a puzzle, a sipper, pack of designer rubbers, paint set, pack of mini sketchpens, mini playdough basket, glow in the dark stars and the like.


One doesn’t really need to spend a lot here. All gifts that I included, ranged between 30 – 40 rupees only. All you need is to explore that stationary shop around the corner.

Photo Booth For Kids

Here, I got another piece of cardboard and cut out a rectangular frame from it. I painted it in shades of blue. Finally, I had some cut-outs of Doraemon and friends, with which the frame was decorated. As can be seen in the pic, I cut out a few clouds and placed the characters over it.


Parents and kids had a great time clicking pics with it !


Photo Booth for Adults

Well, this was not planned. I was throwing out things from my “craft stuff” when I laid my eyes on various boxes of flakes and chocos. Instantly, I thought of the props for pics for adults. Since the party had many adults, this looked a fun thing to include, otherwise parents get bored!


I googled some and brain-stormed some of them, and within an hour, there were some 18-20 props ready ! Also, I found a lovely confetti curtain in blue (to go with the theme), and some funny glasses. We set up the photo booth in one corner of the dining room. It even formed the backdrop for the cake cutting!



Welcome board

This was not planned. I had this piece of cardboard that came out of the frame, made for the kids’ photos. I just stuck Nobita & Doraemon’s pics on it and made this welcome board. We placed it outside our house for people (especially the ones coming for the first time to our place) to know where the party is !


Birthday Banner

I used a readymde birthday banner from last year. Just stuck a doraemon pic in the centre.


Stars and Clouds Strings & Blue Streamers

This was the highlight of the decorations !!

I cut out a cloud and a star shape from a piece of cardboard, and used them as a stencil to trace them out on chart papers. I used white chart paper for clouds and blue for stars. Then I cut out the shapes and stuck them with tape on a string (I used white and blue wool). The cutting part took a lot of time but making the strings was pretty quick!

      doraemon      doraemon

Though I planned on hanging them around the house, but the following decoration idea was totally of my husband! Poor fellow climbed up around the house to hang the strings everywhere – covering the main area for the party.


We further hung Blue and white Balloons on the staircase alongwith blue streamers!

Doraemon & Friends Pics Cut-outs

We had a doraemon coloring book – see and color type, where the left hand side page had a colored pic and right side had a drawing to be colored. My mom cut out all the 25 pages with all characters. We pasted these cutouts everywhere – switch boards, curtains, chandelier and even on a painting’s frame.

doraemon           doraemon

The left out pics were used on the photo frame and welcome board.


Doraemon is the most loved cartoon nowadays, but surprisingly, there is not much merchandise available in the market, or online. The only thing easily available are coloring books. So I had to do away with the theme based gift. Also, there were kids of different ages attending the party, so I got separate, age-wise gifts.

For school, we sent doraemon sticker and coloring books alongwith a crayon box.

For kids, same age as my son, I got a Disney stationary set, that had a pencil box, pencil, eraser, sharpner and a pouch.

A 1 year old baby boy got a stacking set.

A 2 year old toddler got a puzzle.

Finally, there was a 10 year old. I got a twin novel set, by Enid Blyton for him.


Everyone has their own tastebuds and preferences where food is concerned. I am just  sharing what all was there for kids and adults. You may pick up ideas, that suit you.

Snacks for Kids:

  • Mango Juice
  • French Fries
  • Chocos Mix (I mixed 6 different types of chocos in a bowl and served)
  • Frymes
  • Chips

Snack for Adults:

  • Salsa Dip
  • Hung Curd Dip
  • Chips
  • Nachos
  • Veggi Stix (Cucumber and Radish)
  • Britannia Crackers
  • Cold Pasta Salad
  • Potato Wedges (Frozen Food)
  • Chilli Potato Bites (Frozen Food)

Main Course (for all)

  • Masala Chole
  • Kulcha
  • Vegetable Noodles
  • Vegetable Fried Rice
  • Salad

For the main course, I tried to keep a variety of food options. Kids got the first preference and adults came second.

It was a fun party ! Hope you guys loved the tour and ideas of the party.

6 comments on “Doraemon Theme Birthday Party

  1. Hey hi.. Even I’m opening a Doraemon theme without using readymade props as much as possible..
    Ur page given whole lot of ideas.
    It’s still one month to go for my child’s bday. Will share the pics with u.
    Themis for sharing ur idea with details. It will help a lot.😊

    1. Congratulations on your little one’s birthday. I am glad that my post could help you.
      Hope you guys have loads of fun. Looking forward to the birthday pics…

    1. Hello Varsha. Sorry for my late response to your query.
      I had made all these for my son’s birthday myself.
      I do not have them with me now…
      Its not too much work. You can make them in a day or two.

  2. Hi can I get these stuffs readymade for decoration as I am also planning for my son’s 4 the birthday party on doreamon theme

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