Pink Color Day


Color Day celebrations are lots of fun in our class. The kids always look forward to them as the day is filled with exploration table, crafts and related activities. This time the color of the day was pink. Here is all that we did on this color day..

  1. Color exploration Table –

I took a couple of days and collected everything pink that I could lay my hands on – toys, stationary, purse, balloons, etc. On the D-day, I laid out everything on the study tables well before the kids came to the class. I pasted a few balloons on the white board too. The kids played and explored all the stuff for a while.


2. Activity : Collage making – 

First, I drew a few things on A4 sheets which are, or can be of pink color – a flamingo, jelly fish, octopus, candy floss, tongue, rose, butterfly, cupcake etc. All the kids got one sheet each to color. After they were done, I cut out the objects. Then, I took  a Pink colored chart paper for this collage. Each kid pasted his/ her colored object on the pink chart paper. Finally, our Collage is ready – we put it up on the class window, which stayed on for the entire month.


3. Craft: Key rings – 

After our exploration table, collage activity, and the lunch time, it was time to do some craft. Apart from the said color, the shape to be studied in this month was a hexagon. So I brought together the color and shape of the month for the craft activity. You can see the details of the activity – how we made it, here – Pink Colored Hexagon Keyrings.


Hope you liked our activities and craft for the Pink color Day Celebrations.

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