holi garland


Holi Garland

When we were kids, holi used to be extra special. Our Dadi (Grandma) used to make Kandi (Holi Garland) for all of us cousins. Over years, as we grew up, the kandis also got lost somewhere… But the love and fondness for it always remained with us in our hearts andcontinue reading…

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Pinata !! Such a fun and exciting little thing for kids of all ages !!! I believe that no birthday should be complete without it !! Materials used: cardboard boxes crepe paper chart papers Ribbons scissors Glue / tape / stapler Method: Give your pinata the desired shape – use tape /continue reading…

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Teachers' Day


Teachers’ Day

This is our first Teachers’ Day and we are all excited !!! I have been explaining to my son for almost a week – what is teachers’ day all about, why should he be thankful to his teacher and what all she does for him. Telling him all this helpedcontinue reading…

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Happy Birthday Nani


Nani’s Happy Birthday

Birthdays of grandparents are very special for children!! Even if the concept of birthday celebrations fades out for us, adults, over time, the excitement and enthusiasm of kids fills us with zeal to look at the day with a renewed charm. So when I told my little one that itcontinue reading…

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Happy Birthday Dad


Happy Birthday Daddy !

So it happened to be daddy’s happy birthday !! We made a video with kiddo singing happy birthday daddy – and sent him at 12:00 am (daddy was working late in office..) Tired of gifting him various “materialistic” gifts over the years…. i thought hard about gifting him something different. I got outcontinue reading…

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